• We are Collaborate Water. A global team of dedicated Data Scientists, Data Engineers, Software Engineers and water specialists who exist to bring the power of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and deep data analysis to all parts of the water sector.

    Our Mission is to unlock the inherent power in data to improve and enhance the management of scarce and critical natural resources.

    Collaborate Water are part of the HAL24K family of companies who each focus on different sectors of the built environment. We are united by our use of the powerful AI development platform COLLABORATETM, a uniquely designed tool that allows Collaborate Water to fast-track end-user solutions that contain latest AI modelling approaches such as computer vision, natural language processing, and multi-variate time series data analysis.

    Collaborate Water offers a truly unique service as our AI solutions are made in weeks and months, not years. We drive innovation & data insights using our exceptional agility and deep knowledge of AI and data science.

  • Our Vision

    Our vision is to empower water managers with the ability to always make the best decisions with the way water is managed.

    Everyday millions of decisions are being made about the way water is managed. Decisions to invest, to repair, to replace, to treat, to pump, to consume and to serve. Imagine the power of being able to always making make the best decision. The best decision is made with a full and clear view of the reasons and consequences of that decision, and at Collaborate Water we exist to bring this view to water managers around the world.

    We believe that armed with the right information and decision support tools, water managers and humankind can solve many of the world’s water challenges.

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