• The COLLABORATE Data and Model Ecosystem

    Working with Collaborate Water gives access to the COLLABORATE™ Data and Model Ecosystem. COLLABORATE™ is a unique library of data models that have been developed and selected to work specifically for the needs of the water sector. The data and model ecosystem includes a variety of machine learning algorithms, natural language processing models, and computer vision models that are ready to use and can form the backbone of new and ground-breaking AI solutions.

    The COLLABORATE™ ecosystem is always being added to as more and more models and elements are added. This means that COLLABORATE™ stays relevant to today’s evolving water challenges.

    Access to the COLLABORATE™ ecosystem means a fast-track to solutions that work specifically for your situation, but take advantage of the in-depth statistical research already done by the Data Science community to create proven data models. The result is a highly streamlined process for the creation of real-life AI solutions. A win-win for everyone.

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    • Channel and visualize complex data streams

    • Explore, analyze and model data

    • Simply visualize complex output

    • Integrate easily with existing systems and databases

    Until now, machine learning toolkits focused on engaging with data scientists and R&D departments. An end-to-end SaaS platform, COLLABORATE™ is built differently.

    Its practical as well as powerful and works across the organization. Only then is it possible to deliver true business value.

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  • COLLABORATE™ is the platform built to deliver real-world results from AI, machine learning and predictive intelligence.

    An end-to-end SaaS platform, it gives us the tools and capabilities needed to solve even the toughest of challenges and realize true operational change.

    From data ingestion through to predictive planning, COLLABORATE™ is powerful, comprehensive and practical.

    With COLLABORATE™, truly data-driven decision-making is at hand and operational transformation possible.

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