• We proudly offer Data as a Service (DaaS) in locations where we have formal partnerships with sensor providers.

    What is Data as a Service?

    DaaS means all of the benefits of on-line, and often real-time, data creation and collection from some of the world’s most advanced water and waste water sensors, with all of the simplicity of a low risk, no investment, single contract for supply, install and maintenance of sensors.

    Our Data as a Service works perfectly with our flexible data management platform and of course, the optional data analytics and visualisations we can create from your data can be seamless.


  • How does it work?

    Let us know what you need to measure, the frequency of measurements, the number of measuring locations and the minimum duration of the measurement period you would like to work in and we will work with our partners to make you an offer that can include:

    · Site survey

    · Sensor installation

    · Power and communications connections where necessary

    · Sensor installation

    · Data hosting and display via our highly flexible data management platform

    · Multiple data export options

    · Sensor calibration (where necessary)

    · Sensor and comms failure monitoring and rectification agreement

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    You own the data, but we own the sensor. If there is a problem with the sensor, the communications, or the quality of the data from the sensor then it will be our responsibility to rectify.


     If you no longer need to monitor in the future point then the sensor can be moved to a new site for a fee, or removed and the contract for this site ended.

    What are the terms of your DaaS offer?

    We aim to provide a single point for data creation by taking on the responsibility for all aspects of data collection and hosting. Our DaaS offering will be subject to the specifics of your site requirement depending on the type and scale of monitoring you need.

     All of our DaaS offers will include:

    · A minimum term

    · A minimum quantity of sensors

    · Minimum Service Level Guarantees


    The first step is to get in touch to discuss your requirements and to see if we can help.

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