• What techniques and approaches do you use to devise AI solutions?

    We use industry-leading approaches to create AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning solutions. Our Lead Data Scientists are highly respected in the world of Data Science and work across a range of industries and disciplines to ensure the best available statistical modelling and assimilation techniques are followed in the solutions we create.

    How are your solutions delivered and what is the output?

    Typically we produce online dashboards and platforms as user interfaces for the data solutions we create. But if you’d like the output from our applications to be a feed into your existing dashboards or other systems then that is also completely fine.

    Are we tied into your development ecosystem once we commit to one of your solutions?

    No. This is one of the best things about working with Collaborate Water. We don’t tie you in like nearly all other big solution providers. The models behind our solutions are completely transportable, usually written in python and designed to be transferable. Of course, we want you to want to do more with us, but we’ll let the quality of our work be the encouragement for that.

    We already do some Data Science, and use some data science applications, would working with you create a clash?

    We use industry standard third party applications to create our solutions, so chances are you might be using the same or similar. We have our preferences, but pleased to work with you on how to harmonise so that anything we produce can be completely integrated into your infrastructure.

    Is my data safe with you?

    Yes. As specialists in Data solutions, we are fully aware of the sensitivity around data confidentiality which is a concern for most of the organisations that we work with around the world. We are an ISO 27001 (Data Security) accredited organisation, and are able to accommodate the data handling rules you might have.

    Our data has gaps and errors in it, is it a problem?

    If we had a pound/euro/bitcoin for every time someone said that...we are used to dealing with real data from all sorts of sources and would be surprised if your data didn’t contain errors and or gaps. We use a number of techniques to account for gaps and known error patterns and make data cleaning an important part of our data ingestion processes. As part of our initial assessment we will look at your data and be certain that it is useable and relevant for the planned solution.

    How long do solutions take to develop and bring into use?

    Some of our less complex solutions may be ready for handover testing by you within 10-12 weeks – that’s super fast! and one of the unique benefits of working with Collaborate Water. More complex solutions with complex data models behind them and high numbers of data inputs will take a little longer to build and implement, but the days of IT applications taking years to implement are largely over, so whatever solution we end up creating it will be delivered in a pleasingly rapid time.

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