• HAL24K Water & Royal Eijkelkamp announce strategic partnership to accelerate Data as a Service (DaaS) for Global Water Sector

    London, Amsterdam and Menlo Park, November 1, 2022

    At this critical moment for the Water Industry, HAL24K Water and Royal Eijkelkamp join forces to facilitate the use of Data for the protection of our global water resources. This Strategic Partnership will incorporate the world leading sensors of Royal Eijkelkamp, a company that has a proven track record in the Water Industry, with the data technology of HAL24K, a company renowned for delivering exceptional quality data, using advanced machine learning techniques and the latest AI programs, all running within their Collaborate™ Data and Model Ecosystem.

    The partners believe Data is key in making insightful decisions when it comes to the following objectives: to expand access to clean water, reduce or even eliminate overflow and spill offs of wastewater, to bring on more water resilience and to mitigate challenges caused by climate change. In addition, the ideal is to decarbonise the water industry with strategies that optimise operations while cutting back on greenhouse gas emissions.

    Brian Shea, HAL24K Water’s CEO said, “This partnership will lead to the further development of our Data as a Service offering. We believe the market will see fundamental change in the coming years, lowering costs to the Water Industry. The simultaneous provision of much richer information at a lower total cost of ownership will allow the Industry to live up to its objectives”.

    Royal Eijkelkamp, Huug Eijkelkamp CEO said: “Better measuring delivers better results. There is too much data of which the accuracy is not known. It is our goal to do that better and deliver validated soil & water data at the right time and the right spot. Our cooperation with HAL24K Agri & Water makes it finally possible to fill in our BooD strategy (Business out of Data) in the complete value stream.”

    The first major project will be to design Data as a Service (DAAS) that offers:

    • Minimal setup time: Organisations can begin storing and processing data almost immediately using the DaaS solution.

    • Improved functionality: Cloud infrastructure makes DaaS workloads less prone to downtime or disruptions.

    • Greater flexibility: DaaS is more scalable and flexible than many alternatives, since more resources can be allocated to cloud workloads instantaneously. For most companies, having enough data is no longer a major issue. It’s organising and operationalising that data that presents the biggest challenge today.

    • Cost savings: Data management and processing costs are easier to optimise with a DaaS solution. Companies can allocate just the right amount of resources to their data workloads in the cloud and increase or decrease those allocations as needs change.

    • Automated maintenance: The tools and services on DaaS platforms are automatically managed and kept up-to-date by the DaaS provider, eliminating the need for end-users to manage the tools themselves.

    • Faster Paths to Innovation: DaaS opens the doors to growth. With data at the centre of a business, growth happens quickly. That is because data-informed strategies allow for more innovation with less risk. When trustworthy data is provisioned to different departments and teams that need it, ideas based on that data have a better chance of gaining buy-in from other areas of the business and ultimately succeeding once put into practice. Ideas can take flight faster with access to data that informs new initiatives and spurs on growth.

    • More Agile Decision Making: DaaS represents a great opportunity for many businesses to treat data as an important business asset for more strategic decision making and effective data management. It can combine both internal and external data sources, such as customer, partner, and open data sources, for a comprehensive view of the business. DaaS can also be used to quickly deliver data for purpose-built analytics with end-to-end APIs (Application Programming Interface) serving specific business use cases. DaaS can help support self-service data access, simplifying business user data access with an intuitive, self-service directory. This can reduce the time spent searching for data and increase the time spent analysing and acting on the data.

    • Data-Driven Culture: Breaking down data silos and getting teams the data they need is a huge challenge for businesses today. DaaS grants businesses the ability to deliver integrated data from a growing list of data sources, fostering a data-driven culture and democratising the use of data in everyday processes. DaaS also helps companies manage today’s rising tide of data and growing data complexity through reusable datasets for broad data consumption. These reusable data assets can promote both inter-enterprise and intra-enterprise sharing, establishing a central understanding of the business. By opening up access to critical data resources, DaaS can help organisations infuse data into their business practices.

    HAL24K Water

    HAL24K Water is a global team of dedicated Data Scientists, Data Engineers, Software Engineers and water specialists who exist to bring the power of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and deep data analysis to all parts of the water sector. They seek to unlock the inherent power in data to improve and enhance the management of scarce and critical natural resources.

    We are united by our use of the powerful AI development platform COLLABORATE, a uniquely designed tool that allows HAL24K Water to fast-track end-user solutions that contain latest AI modelling approaches such as computer vision, natural language processing, and multi-variate time series data analysis.  HAL24K Water offers a truly unique service as our AI solutions are made in weeks and months, not years. We drive innovation & data insights using our exceptional agility and deep knowledge of AI and data science.


    Royal Eijkelkamp

    Royal Eijkelkamp is a family business that values personal attention. For more than 110 years, this has been the company’s trademark. The company offers a unique range of solutions for soil and water projects all over the world. Through the design, development and production of smart products and solutions, with continuous innovation, Royal Eijkelkamp has grown into a worldwide leading company since its establishment in 1911. With headquarters in Giesbeek, The Netherlands, the company has subsidiaries in Sassenheim and Wilmington, NC. 

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