• A leading UK water utility wanted to gain a better understanding of the risk of failure at their water treatment sites. Collaborate Water’s ‘Situational Awareness’ product was created specifically for this customer to highlight current status at complex water treatment sites and highlight the consequences of failures within the site.

    What was the need?

    Our water utility customer in the north of England was concerned with a lack of visibility of the risk of failure at their most complex water treatment sites. They wanted an easy way to summarise the chance of a site failing, and to be able to visualise the current important factors that might contribute to a failure: steps in the water treatment process, asset health, asset maintenance, chemical stock levels, and comms status, among others.

    The challenge

    Complex water treatment sites involve multiple inter-dependent water treatment steps, they rely on hundreds of assets that may be monitored through hundreds or thousands of telemetry data feeds. Due to the inter-dependency between assets and processes it is not quick to see whether a failure of one of the assets could be critical for the overall performance of the site. The challenge was to map out these inter-dependencies and create an interface that can display the relative urgency or importance of changes and issues across the site.

    What did the AI model do?

    With over 1000 live data feeds from the telemetry system, the corporate asset management solution, and the work management system, this AI solution was created to predict water treatment outputs in the near future by understanding how the process is affected by changes and critical failures.

    The outcome

    A sophisticated dashboard aimed at plant operators and managers that visualizes the status of the most relevant aspects of the site. The solution dynamically assesses the overall risk of the site, and brings to the attention of the user the elements that are creating the risk. Users can drill down to each of the contributory parts of the plant such as the measured parameters of the water treatment process, and see the exceptions that have been predicted to occur.

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